There are 7 menus, namely: 1. Statistics; 2. Time Series trend; 3. Indicator Options; 4. Geographical Map Statistics Distribution; 5. Bar Chart Statistics Distribution; and 6. Options of Statistic Order.


  1. Select Indicator (no.3). This step is to bring up the charts of the selected indicator.
  2. Step 2. To bring up the visualization in the provincial statistics section, select a point on time series graph (no.2). This step is to visualize the indicator values per province through distribution maps and bar chart (no.4 and 5).
    Step 3.
  3. In the bar chart (no.5), there is a feature to change the appearance of the chart based on Statistical Value and Area Code (no.6).

Exploration. To highlight the provincial area indicator number, hover over one of the desired provinces (no.4 or 5).  If one of the provinces is selected in the regional map section, it will immediately highlight the region in the bar graph, and users can see the situation of Provincial Statistics in that region compared to statistics in other provinces and national statistics (orange bars). Conversely, if the user highlights one of the chart bars, the selected province will immediately be highlighted on the regional map according to the selected province.