On the SDGs Indicators page, there are 7 sub-menus, namely: 1.  SDGs Goal Line; 2. Indicator column; 3.  Time series chart; 4. Selected point/year; 5. Geographical map distribution; 6. Bar chart distribution; and 7. Bar Order

       Steps to use the SDGs Indicators sub-menu:

  1. Select Goal. Click the cool Goal in the SDGs Goal row (no. 1). After that, a list of indicators (no. 2) will appear according to the selected
  2. Select an indicator. Click the desired indicator in the Indicator Column (no. 2). After that, a statistical time series chart (no. 3) and a dropdown menu of area code/statistical value (no. 7) will appear.

Exploration 1  On the statistical trendline chart (no.  3), click the desired point/year (no. 4). Then, a map and bar chart of statistical distribution (nos. 5 and 6) will appear.

Exploration 2 In the statistical scatter bar chart (6), there is a selectable bar order drop down at the bottom, with options: Statistical Code or Area Code (no. 7). Both options are listed in the picture below:

Exploration 3: Select bar order drop down: If you want to sort areas according to highest to lowest data, the selected drop down is Statistical Code. If you want it to be sorted by referring to the BPS code, you can select the Area  Code drop-down.