This display contains information about advanced analysis, namely SDGs Performance in each SDGs Goal. Users can access several advanced analyses and visualizations related to the progress of achieving SDGs indicators.

In the SDGs Performance page, there are some information shown by the number on the red dotted line circle, namely:

No. 1. Description of Pillar and Indicator

No. 2. SDGs Goal Logo (filter);

No. 3. Indicator number and name (filter);

No. 4. Subsection: Year Filter for Time Series line chart;

No. 5. Subsection: Month Filter for Time Series line chart;

No. 6. Subsection: Options for national target (on/off) – displayed for all graphs;

No. 7. Subsection: National Time Series Statistics

No. 8 . Subsection: National Time Series Line Chart

No. 9.  Subsection: Provincial Time Series Line Chart (filtered)

No. 10. Subsection: District/City Time Series Line Chart (filtered)

No. 11. Subsection: Socioeconomic Disaggregation (filter)

No. 12. Subsection: National Time Series Line Chart for Socioeconomic Disaggregation

No. 13. Subsection: Exact Year for Provincial Statistics

No. 14. Sub Section: Provincial Statistics in Geographical Map

No. 15. Subsection: Options of Bar Chart Order

No. 16 Subsection: Provincial Statistics in Ordered Bar-Chart

No. 17 Subsection: Districts/Cities Statistics in Ordered Bar-Chart

Figure 1.1. SDGs Performance Screen



In operationalizing the dashboard, users can explore the features as follows:

  1. Users can select SDGs Goals ( 2), then select indicator numbers (no. 3). It will appear in no.1
  2. In the Regional Performance Trends section, users can select a year range for the data to be analyzed (no. 4), month (no.  5), and select Target Display (No.  6)
  3. By selecting the target display “ON”, a data visualization will be displayed accompanied by a national target (no. 8), so a gap can be seen between statistic and national target values. The gap can be seen also in selected provincial (no.9) and selected district/city (no.10) levels.
  4. In the Socio-Economic Disaggregation (National) section, there are several disaggregation options (no. 11) that users can choose, so a graphic visualization will display time series charts of the selected disaggregation (no. 12).
  5. In the Province Statistic section there is a exact year filter ( 11) that can be selected by the user. Then the visualization will be displayed in the form of geographical map (no. 14), provincial bar-chart (no. 16) and district/city bar-chart (no. 17). For the bar charts, user can select the order type for displaying the bar, whether it is based on the Area Code or Statistical Value (no. 15).