Multigraph presents bar graphs of SDGs indicators in the Pillars of Economic, Legal and Governance, Environmental, and Social Development, at the provincial and district/city levels. There are two data features displayed, namely Original Statistics data and Z-score. The Z-score value is used to identify whether or not provinces have SDGs indicator values that are extremely negative (Z-score <  -2), or extremely positive (2 < Z-Score).

On the Multi Graphs page, there are 5 sub-menus, namely: 1.  Pillar Filter; 2. Indicator Filter; 3.  Year of Data Filter; 4. Statistic type; 5. Multi bar-chart.

Figure 1. 1 Multi Graphs Screen

After selecting SDGs Pillars, indicators, and Data Year that will be analyzed through features, the bar-charts in the middle column will display features that include:

  1. Selected SDGs indicators.
  2. Small “+” button  to Drill-Down the  region towards the District/City level.
  3. Original statistical data from provinces that have extreme positive Z-scores.
  4. Original statistical data from provinces that have extreme negative Z-scores.

Here are the steps to use the Multi Graphs (Figure 1.1):

  1. Determine the SDGs Pillars to be analyzed in the SDGs Pillar Filter section (number 1), then a list of related SDGs indicators will appear below it.
  2. Select the SDGs indicators to be analyzed in the SDGs Indicator Filter section (number 2), and continue by clicking the Apply button.
  3. Select the Year-Months of data to display (number 3).
  4. Select the display of the Statistics type between Original Statistics or Z-Score in the Statistical Display Options section (number 4).
  5. Pay attention to regions that have Extreme Values, in the form of bar graph protrusions that are outside the tolerance value range between -2 to +2 standard deviations. Regions with positive extreme values are marked with a bar graph in mature green (box D), while negative extreme values are colored mature red (box C).
  6. If the user wants to detail the analysis up to the Regency / City level or do a Drill-Down, they can hover and click the “+” sign  that appears (box B). If you want to restore the analysis at the provincial statistical level or drill-up, you can click the  “-“ sign  in the same area.