The Monitoring and Evaluation page contains information on the development of performance from one selected SDGs indicator in one region (national, provincial or district / city).

On this page, there are 8 sub-menus, namely: 1.  Regional level setting; 2. Province; 3.  City/District; 4. Indicator; 5. Disaggregation; 6. Year of Data; 7. Time Series pattern, and 8. The trend between years.

Figure 1. Features of Monitoring and Evaluation page

In this section, there are several displays of the development of the performance of an indicator, in the form of:

  1. Trend achievement number (no.7), serves to show the development of achievement figures on certain indicators over time.
  2. The delta trend of increasing / decreasing the achievement rate over time (no.8), serves to show how much the increase or decrease in the achievement rate in a particular indicator.

To facilitate navigation and use of the Monitoring and Evaluation Feature display, a filter (panel on the left side of the screen) has been provided to adjust the display so that it can bring up the desired data. The filters available are as follows:

  1. The Regional Selection Filter along with the analysis level, consisting of Regional Level (no. 1), Province (no. 2), District/City (no. 3), serves to set the regional level of the data to be displayed;
  2. Indicator Selection Filter (no. 4), serves to select SDGs indicators for which data will be displayed;
  3. The Socioeconomic Disaggregation Classification Filter (no. 5), serves to select available socioeconomic disaggregation data from the indicators already selected in no. 4.
  4. Filter Year and Month data (no. 6), serves to select the year and month of data to be displayed from the selected indicator.


The exploration steps to display the data are:

  1. Select the Region Level filter (no. 1) and then select the region you want the data to display. Regional levels that can be selected are the national level, provincial level, and district / city level.
  2. If you have selected the Regional Level filter, especially for provincial or district/city level exploration ( 2 and 3), you need to select the province and/or city district filter. It should be noted that not all indicators are available data up to the provincial or district / city level. If you choose the national level, you can choose “-“.
  3. Select the indicator filter (no. 4) to select the SDGs indicator to display.
  4. Select the classification filter of the type of disaggregation of Socioeconomic data (no. 5) to be displayed, if you want to explore disaggregation for example by age or gender (if available)
  5. Select the desired Year (6 no.) and month period range filters (if available).
  6. Trend Interpretation (red no.) and its periodic performance against Target Value (area with faint pink color range).
  7. The chart will appear in no. A for the indicator’s achievement trend and no. B for the delta trend of increase/decrease each year.